Introduction About Potenzmittel

Although there is an English version of Potenzmittel, a German version is almost entirely different. An interesting fact is that the author R. Stieglitz used an English version of the novel as a basis for the German one.

The author R. Stieglitz based his new novel on an English version of The Vanishing Clergyman by Rudyard Kipling. As a result, the first third of the novel is almost entirely in English. Kipling’s work also influenced Stieglitz in the second and third thirds of the novel.

The story is told from the perspective of the housekeeper, Rita. When Rita was married to Vanellus, she was pressured to get a divorce so that her husband could marry Lady Mary, whom he loved. When her husband died and she divorced him, Vanellus came back, but only because he loved her.

After her husband died, Rita was deeply depressed and began to drink in order to forget the pain caused by Vanellus. This only resulted in her getting pregnant and losing it.

When Alfred Potenzmittel‘s aunt died, Alfred met her again when he was eighteen. He swore that he would give up alcohol and become sober, but he did not. The alcohol caused him to get a case of appendicitis, but luckily, he recovered.

One day, Rita was asked to prepare potato salad for a party that Alfred threw. But a few days later, she had a miscarriage. Because of this, Rita never went to the party.

One evening, the two friends meet up and start a conversation with Alfred, who claims that he didn’t want to go to the party because of the baby. Alfred, however, admits that he was in love with Rita, and they started dating after a few weeks. However, this didn’t last long because both of them wanted to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl.

Later, they had another affair and eventually, had a child together. They never told Alfred about their affair. However, Rita confesses that she cheated on Alfred and she gets her revenge.

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