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Executive Protection Services

For some reason, crime, terrorism, kidnapping and traffic risks are perceived to be greater in certain cities or countries. A jeweler traveling to Caracas is perceived to be at greater risk than traveling to Chicago. And while we are on the topic of travel, do you know the greatest single risk in travel?

The level of situational awareness that is gained through patrol and security jobs is incredibly beneficial—not to mention the valuable experience that is gained through responding to various high-stress situations while on the job. Since the job stems well beyond physical Protection, Agents will need to have good communication skills to liaise with the client and other vendors throughout their service. Executive Protection Agents are often required to travel domestically and internationally as part of their job, so they will need to be able to work long hours, including evenings and weekends. Agents can work for an Executive Protection firm or work for several firms as contractors, dependent upon legislative and licensing requirements. The term executive protection was coined in the 1970s by the United States Secret Service when they created the Executive Protection Service to guard visiting foreign dignitaries.

What makes this company stand out is its readiness to work beyond typical service lines. At the head of the company are two security professionals – Jim Farrel, an ex-Irish Army Special Forces major, and security veteran, Terry Downes, who co-founded the Senaca Group in 2009. Of course, the list includes companies of different ages and unique services. When it comes to event security, trusting the professionals can make all the difference. We guarantee immediate dispatch and an event security guard on-site in 4 hours or less. If you need help determining your needs, request an assessment on your situation from one of Hyperion’s experienced security advisors.

When it comes to your security and the safety of your family, never accept “security” that compromises your protection by putting you in the hands of untrained personnel. The instinct to step forward and protect leaders when danger is on the horizon has been around since the beginning of mankind. It has evolved into the field of executive protection, or close protection, to keep corporate leaders and high-net-worth-individuals and their families safe. In movies we see agents wearing black suits, disrupting threats head on, and spying on adversaries behind newspapers. While some aspects of the stereotype stand true, there is so much more beyond the surface that represents what a skilled executive protection agent encompasses in this day and age.

The main messages of this presentation are that the selection criteria for individuals assigned to executive security duties are justifiably high and must never be compromised, and training must be ongoing. All too often, security is afraid to approach senior executives with this kind of threat-awareness information. Yet senior executives may be some of the most significant sources of extremely sensitive information.

•Keep a database of “persons of interest” or people with a past history of “reaching out” to executives either in person or via all forms of communication. •In-house and external event organizers or communication services that are engaged in public relations and media activities related to the executive and family are aware of security issues. If you’d like to start building a career in the Executive Protection industry, Paladin Risk Solutions offers Executive Protection services with world-class training programs that prepare you for success. Agents will need to be able to respond properly should an emergency arise, including having a current First Aid with CPR/AED certificate.

Our executive protection programs are scalable services, we provide personal protection, coverage at home, and during travel. Fast guard executive protection agents work diligently to help keep any at-risk person out of harm’s way. Trained in all types of pro-active protection procedures, our security staff can recognize, evaluate and neutralize potential threats before they become serious problems. Discretion, professionalism, conflict resolution and above all level-headed judgment help to distinguish our security team from other security agencies in the area. Corporate Security – Oftentimes corporations have mandates from their board of directors that require protection of the CEO or other corporate executives for their personal protection in order to safeguard shareholder interests. We work closely with corporations to develop and implement protective security solutions focusing on the protection of their executives and board members.

As a result, they can often bring enough people and the appropriate weaponry to overcome the security measures in place. As we’ve seen in many cases, the presence of security personnel—even if they are armed—is simply not enough to protect a target from a determined hostile actor. Such publicity can hurt a person or company’s brand and reputation, and can also lead to costly lawsuits. It is thus always better to avoid a confrontation altogether if possible, which highlights the importance of proactive tools and skills. While the negative publicity tied to a security incident can sometimes enhance the “gangster” reputation of a rapper like Tekashi69, it doesn’t do much good for the image of most celebrities and business executives.

We provide risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments to ensure the event runs smoothly and uninterrupted. We provide risk, threat and vulnerability assessments to ensure the event runs smoothly and uninterrupted. While these requirements will substantially narrow the pool of available candidates, the benefits of having a high-performing executive protection agent far outweigh the effort required to find one. Unfortunately, bodyguard school are often ignorant of these mental aspects of executive protection or dismiss them as unnecessary. Force—or the threat of force—should not be used haphazardly or be regarded as the first solution to every problem.

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