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EP Technology

The internet can quickly become a real jungle and emerging digital risks are surfacing daily. The know-how of the R&D engineers is at your disposal in order to develop products at the best price, which correspond to your market needs. The skills and experience of the manufacturing specialists guarantee a high-quality production. Every day we follow our aim to anticipate your needs of tomorrow, in order to be able to add a limitless, artistic dimension to the hairdresser profession. Our product’s performance and quality are rigorously designed to match your talent. Your name, phone number, and e-mail address are subject to the submission of personal data.

Getting Europe up to speed on digital skills for both young people and adults by updating the Digital Education Action Plan. During the visit, DG ITEC’s acting Director General, Walter Petrucci,welcomed students to the European Parliament by pointing out how important it is for DG ITEC and the Parliament to be in contact with young people and the future generation of Europe. Safer Internet Day is here to raise awareness and remind us to use technologies responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

Cyber-bullying, social media, disinformation, online games, data security and privacy – discussing such topics may be quite a challenge for parents. Luckily, there are plenty of resources set forth by government and associations alike on how to communicate these topics with your kids. The GPS Pipeline Current Mapper “GPCM” Model “EPT/GCM-4000” is a GPS Pipeline Current surveyor that able to trace the pipeline and record the current flow and its direction, stamped with GPS coordinates, distance, and time. EP Technologies, Inc. manufactures cardiology and medical device products.

Our goal is to assist the people in the world living in a peace, safe, and clean environment. Proprietary Technology means the technical innovations that are unique and legally owned or licensed by a business and includes, without limitation, those innovations that are patented, patent pending, a subject of trade secrets, or copyrighted. Cyberwatching.eu is a new European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy. Funded under the European Commission’s H2020 programme, it contributes to making the Digital Single Market safer by promoting the understanding of cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy services.

Below are some examples on how you can experience the web content differently and verify whether the content is accessible. This yearly event is organised worldwide each February to promote the safe and positive use of digital technologies, especially among children and young adults. Webetic provides concrete advice to parents on a variety of topics related to new technologies. Better Internet for Kids is a European Commission platform that delivers various articles on a variety of topics related to online safety (data privacy and online identity, cyber-harassment, cybercrime…).

Study visit to DG ITECOn 8 November, a group of Applied Computer Sciences students from theErasmus University College Brussels visited DG ITEC. They were warmly welcomed and got an insight into the different IT services provided to Members and staff and the way information technology supports the European Parliament’s legislative procedure. They collect all your original academic ceritificates, which is illegal. Female candidates are highly warned/advised not to join here. Today, we are the unique undisputed actors in hair care in France and propose hair specialists a global service covering all products from electrical appliance to hair care products. Genetronics EP technology means Genetronics’s intratumoral EP delivery technology related to the Licensed Field, including but not limited to Devices and any other electroporation equipment, designs thereof, and methods of use thereof. DG ITEC will be actively supporting the initiative by organising various activities to raise cybersecurity awareness.

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