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Buy Pizza Ovens & Outdoor Ovens Ireland

Take a metal pizza brush and scrub off any particles and stains, then wipe the pizza stone down with a damp rag. Finally, let the pizza stone dry before storing it again. Thanks to new design features, make 16-inch pizzas while enjoying better temperature control, more fuel-efficient air flow, increased oven insulation and better visibility. Phenomenal large pizzas, roasted meats, seared vegetables or even fresh bread. Flame-cook epic meals outdoors with wood, charcoal or gas.

Ooni Fyra 12 streamlines wood-fired cooking for a no-nonsense live fire experience and intense flavors. Ooni Fyra streamlines wood-fired cooking for a no-nonsense live fire experience and intense flavours. Love our Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven – it was a Christmas Present for my husband and we find it super easy to use and clean and great for entertaining. However, in terms of build quality and professional looks, for us, the Ooni Fyra just steals the show. As long as you have the time and patience to invest in the authentic wood-fired pizza-making experience, this option could be the fit for you. That said, our reviewer loved the performance of this oven, which is why it’s taken the top spot in our round-up.

Our reviewer noted the pizza oven is a little rough around the edges in some places and found the door a tight fit, which made prompt pizza removal a little tricky on occasion. So if you’re looking for an affordable entry point into the world of pizza ovens you may well be considering Ooni’s most budget-friendly pizza oven, the wood-fired Ooni Fyra. ooni pizza oven Ireland are some of the latest and greatest pizza ovens available.

The Ooni Karu is another great option, with a wood and charcoal-burning design that gives pizzas a delicious, smoky flavour. No matter which oven you choose, you can be confident that you’ll get a high-quality product to help you cook delicious, authentic pizzas at home. When choosing your accessories for outdoor pizza ovens. A pizza peel is an essential piece of kit for your pizza oven. Another accessory you should consider is a pizza cutter.

We’ve been empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to make awesome pizza at home since 2012. These days, we’re all about nurturing the deep-rooted, undeniable love of pizza inside all of us. We want to make great pizza possible for everyone, anytime and anywhere hunger strikes.

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