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There are a few popular ways to incorporate crown molding while complementing your home’s architecture. Below, get inspiration from these crown molding ideas that’ll instantly upgrade your space. A carefully designed space that reflects your style and needs is the most comfortable and desirable option. We’ll listen to your design ideas and give you the interior you deserve. Have you ever seen long strips of wood running along the walls of stylish homes?

White crown moldings are quite a popular option, but it is not the only one. This owner decided to choose light grey moldings to complement the green and brown colors of this cozy, charming dining room. Orac Decor worked with top designers, such as Ulf Moritz, and engineers in the industry to create this exclusive line of crown molding for indirect lighting. Manufactured in steel molds, these crown moldings feature defined and sleek details, high quality, and consistent proportions in each piece. This bathroom utilizes soft, tranquil colors, an all-glass shower, and muted floors to create a calming environment in which to lose yourself. The crown molding blends right into the walls, making the room feel taller and creating minor shadows that highlight the ceiling and windows.

Follow safety rules when getting on the ladder and sawing the crown molding. Crown molding can accessorize your home by creating visual interest. Along with making a room feel larger, this molding is fairly easy to install with a power nailer and a power miter saw.

Another benefit is that you can choose a broad range of trim ideas if your ceiling is high. Inspired Ornamental creates custom decorative plaster medallions for clients all over the country. While Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame will continue to reign supreme as a home design maven, her modern farmhouse trend is losing popularity. Like many trends, this blend of rustic and refined is beyond played out.

These are crucial in ensuring that your home has a smooth finish and are often installed during the construction of the building. Crown moldings can be found at the junction of walls and ceilings. It also has a hollow area behind it, having an exquisite look that can boost the value of your property. You may enhance it even more by installing baseboards beneath it, to give it a more extended, more dramatic look.

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