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Household Outdoors Vinyl Fence

Empty long hoarding with white mockup space on construction site against grey wall of unfinished building. White plastic fence of the front garden in a suburban village. Vinyl Fencing on Older home in the Southern Calif Desert.

It does not require the application of primer or chemicals and defends itself against rust. There is no risk of decomposing or succumbing to termites or insects. In addition, vinyl privacy fence is not manufactured using unsafe chemicals like treated lumber uses.

A vinyl privacy fence is a beautifully simple alternative to the classic wooden nail up fence. If you want a traditional look for your home improvement project, the vinyl privacy fence is your go-to. It is constructed of White Vinyl Fence panels connected by vinyl posts. Ohio Vinyl Privacy fence feature .75″ black round aluminum spindles for the top of the fence panel, creating a visually stunning privacy fence.

Vinyl fencing can be installed anywhere you need to segment off a portion of your yard. For instance, you can use a tall fence for security and privacy around your backyard. Plus, you can use short vinyl fencing around garden beds or other parts of your lawn that you want to accent. Vinyl fences don’t need the additional layer of protection wooden ones might.

If you choose a gate with high-end features, or it’s difficult to match your gate to the existing fence, the price increases. This is an example of a large transitional full sun backyard concrete paver and vinyl fence landscaping in Dallas. Premium Vinyl Privacy Fence w/ 1.5″” x 5.5″” TOP & BOTTOM POCKET RAILS. Available in WHITE or TAN as well as our premium wood grain colors.

Vinyl is nonporous, so if your fence ever gets dirty you can just spray it with a hose to clean the surface. It’s also a great product if you have pets or kids, as you won’t have to worry about splinters like you do with a wood fence. The cost of a vinyl privacy fence per linear foot is $25 to $60, and the average price is $3,000 to $18,000. Inspiration for a traditional vinyl fence landscaping in Boston.

Rinse the fence with clean water, moving from top to bottom. Use the directions below to deep clean your fence at least once a year. But it’s typically not difficult to clean off this staining. Simply hose your fence to clean the majority of the stain, and then scrub it down with a solution of water and dish soap. Rinse the fence with your hose, and the stain should be gone.

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