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7 Dog Training Books for Any Dog Owner

PhD Patricia B. McConnellis a professor of Zoology and an esteemed dog behaviourist, trainer and author of many dog books. Gwen Bailey is founder of the popular Puppy School franchise of Puppy Socialisation Classes. Since the 1980s, she’s been working as a dog trainer and behaviourist; she worked in dog rescue for the early part of her career. Most struggle with patience, as teaching a new command takes time, practice, and repetition.

If you’re a first time dog owner, this book will be a great source of information because it goes way beyond puppy training. They also go into nutrition, health advice, wellbeing and other useful tips for how to build a stronger bond with your dog. Previously, she used a traditional approach but then moved to science based positive reinforcement techniques .

The writer is a certified dog trainer who has helped thousands of stressed owners get their dogs over this hurdle. It uses a proven, evidence-based approach, with a step-by-step programme to help improve your dog’s confidence to stay at home alone. There is a wealth of coping strategies and methods to practise, as well debunking common training myths that may actually exacerbate your dog’s fears. Another wonderful book where renowned animal trainer Kathy Sdao writes about the best ways to train your dog but from a partnership point of view. This book is one of those that move the field of positive dog training forward, looking for better ways to communicate with our pets in an ethical way.

This one is admittedly a bit niche – but given that cocker and springer spaniels are the third most popular breed in the UK , this should appeal to a large proportion of dog owners. In fact, the training approach could apply to all working dogs. The book teaches easy-to-learn, interactive games that will train and bond you to your dog. Plus, the games will burn tons of energy, which is clutch when training a puppy or high-energy dog.

It goes through the general care of spaniels from infancy to maturity as well as advice on breeding, and field trial techniques. And just like the previous book is full of great information about dog behavior and training. Jean Donaldson is also an excellent trainer and has written many books and given seminars around the world.

Adrienne Kruzer is a veterinary technician with more than 15 years of experience providing healthcare to domestic and exotic animals. She is trained as a Fear Free Certified Professional to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. Zak George’s book is definitely heavier on the “how-tos” than it is on technical training material, which is why we picked it as best overall.

Dogs like being with them, because they are playful and fun. All they have to do is learn a few simple training techniques and they’ll soon put grown ups in the shade. A motivated dog is fun to work with, and clearly enjoys the challenges you are setting. But do you sometimes wish you could reign in some of that enthusiasm and produce the results that you both deserve? Is your dog too excited to wait on the start-line in agility? check out the post right here dog-training.life.

The show is pretty good to be honest, but can be hard to forget what she says because it’s simply too entertaining to pay that much attention. Having the book with you is a safer bet to drench yourself in her knowledge. Not gonna lie, this series does have an American feel, so us Brits might find this just a little too much. But if you can see past that, this book is full of great explanations and advice with complementing illustrations…if reading isn’t your thing.

In The Culture Clash, dog training veteran Jean Donaldson explores the inherent differences between man and dog. Some books offer a well-rounded look at dog training that’s a cut above the rest. These will help you raise your canine right, ensuring a beautiful and healthy friendship. What’s quite handy about the different voices is that there is bound to be one in there that suits your style and you find easy to follow. And while the overall tone is professional and authoritative, it’s friendly and digestible and sometimes quite funny with some illustrations of dog scenarios. Well-known dog trainer and Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan explores his knowledge of dog psychology and the best ways to correct your pup’s behavioral issues.

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